Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, Twilight

The other day, I was looking for an old friend on facebook, (I swear
she is the only one in our class without a facebook. ) so I clicked on
the link that said Forks High School Class of 2002. Instead of finding
her, I found that half of the people listed as classmates of mine
contained names such as Bella, so-and-so Cullen, and Sally
Okay, so the last one is an exaggeration. Or maybe not, I didn't go
through all of the pages.
Sometimes I just miss my unknown, middle-of-nowhere, logging capitol
of the world, Home of the Spartans, one stoplight, blink and you'll
miss it, 3 hours from the mall, no we don't have a mcdonalds,
carharts, romeos and riggins, small town.

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