Thursday, September 10, 2009

finding beauty in the ordinary...

Still life at the living room window

Spiders sort of give me the heebie-jeebies, but I am in love with how these pictures turned out. My new goal is to find beauty in my ordinary life. I've subscribed to a lot of photography blogs lately and love when people are able to make the most simple and mundane things beautiful. I love pictures that give me an emotional reaction; pictures that I form a connection with. I was always so jealous because I thought, 'oh, I don't have a beautiful house/amazing craft room/sweet vintage finds/(insert item here) to photograph.' Then I realized, it wasn't the subjects themselves that were so beautiful, it was more that the photographer saw beauty in that mundane object which they communicated through their photograph. It finally dawned on me, I could do that too if I would only step out of the box and start looking at everything differently, with a photographer's eye. So that's what I'm trying. I'm going to be creative, have an artist's eye, see everything for it's potential. I have a boring house/craft room/etc... , a point and shoot digital and free photo editing software, but I am going to find beauty in the ordinary.

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