Saturday, August 14, 2010

grannies, grannies and kites.

whew. what a week. took a mini vacay to forks for about a week, with a small excursion to ocean shores for a few days for anniversary #2. While we were at my parents, my grandmother (from the corn husker state) and my great-grandma (portland) were also there. add in daycare kids, my parents, brother, husband and I, it made for a pretty full house. really full.
Mom, I may never have children after last week.
My mom and I set up a treasure hunt for the daycare kids, which was a huge success. I think mom and I had just as much fun planning as they did finding!
Luckily I didn't have to do any twilight-y stuff with grandma, (there's only so much I can take. and it's not much.) but we did get to the beach and the rain forest (aka, my favorite place in the world). No pictures, bad me. forgot the camera at the beach and it was (shocker) way too bright for good photos at the rain forest.



as for the other 'grannies', I'm working on my first granny square blanket. it's pretty fun, and a lot easier than I expected. Although, like every thing else I've ever tried, I was totally gung-ho in the beginning, but now my interest is waning. I'm such a loser. I'm taking it to work tonight hoping to get a few more kicked out. I'm sitting at a pretty slow radio, so hopefully I can get back into the groove. The pattern I used is called Circle of Friends, which I decided on after seeing this picture on flicker. Gorgeous.
I wanted to try to do similar colors as well, but I'm pretty horrible at picking out colors. I like what I ended up with though. I'm sure when it all comes together it will look alright. the yarn I found is so soft... I love it. the pink is Caron Simply Soft, the purple is Vanna's Choice, and the off-white is Red Heart Soft yarn.

Last, but not least, my new kite we bought in ocean shores. So cute, right?


I'll try and get some more of Greg's kite (an airplane, of course) and other Ocean shores pictures in the next few days, when i get the photos sorted out.

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