Saturday, January 16, 2010


I really want to blog today, but I just don't know about what. I haven't done a whole lot lately, well, at least not as much as I'd like. Went for a drive with my honey on Thursday, got some pics from that. We went and sat at the airport, a couple of small planes and then a 737 came in. We were hoping to see one of the new 787's or the dreamlifter, but no dice. It was fun sitting there though, Greg was taking pictures of the 737 we saw. We used to sit at the airport a lot when we were dating, and although I'm not quite the airplane buff that Greg is, I do love watching them come in and take off. Having to travel on them is a completely different matter... bleh.
After the airport we went to the Mukilteo waterfront. It was cold and grey, but really beautiful. There were so many birds. At one point I sort of felt like I was in Bodega Bay. Check out the photos here.

I've had sort of a crafty dry spell lately. My craft room is pretty much in chaos, overflowing with half or not even started projects. Before I can even think of starting anything new I need to simplify, go through and get rid of the things I'm never going to use. I'm hoping to make that my project this week. There are a few projects that I've been itching to try:

1. 200 Crochet Blocks, 2. Recycled Garland, 3. remains of the day journal backgrounds, 4. cathedral window quilt - 4th set

I love to crochet and have tried my hand at granny squares once or twice, but I'd really like to make a granny square blanket. Some granny squares can be kind of hokey, but they can turn out really gorgeous, too, like the ones above. I love the monochromatic look, but I'd also like to try one with jewel tones.
I am in love with garlands, can you tell? I love this one because it's all recycled paper. I have stacks of magazines and random paper that I saved just cause they're pretty, and this would be a great project for them. Maybe to decorate my soon to be clean and organized craft room?
Another great project for old scraps is this remains of the day journal. I haven't looked into this too much, but I think the point is to use the journal to display all of the interesting scraps that are collected day to day. I would love to do something like this and then use it as a journal to write in.
I've heard the cathedral window quilt blocks are very time-consuming, which usually would turn me off, but they're so pretty I have to try. I'm thinking I'll start out easy, maybe just do four blocks and the rest on a solid color, instead of a whole quilt top full of them.
Well, for not knowing what to say I sure said a lot. Now I have to go get ready, off to see Lovely Bones with Ashley, yay!

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