Sunday, September 13, 2009

I totally won't blame you if the last picture is your favorite....

-it's certainly my favorite.
I feel like I'm getting the crafty groove back! Well, kind of. I probably could have gotten more done today, but church ran long (sooo worth it though.) and then I got sucked into both a Lord of the Rings marathon and then an NCIS marathon. I've watched the whole trilogy of LotR multiple times and have seen every episode of NCIS, and yet they still suck me in every time. :)

anyhoo, back to the crafty. I have a few late birthday presents to get done before I head to Forks next week. (yay for vacation!!) The first completed gift is for little Edie-girl, so Brandi, if you are reading this between snuggling with your latest most adorable baby in the world, and it's before I get to Forks, you're gonna need to stop here. Thanks.

For Christmas I got Eden a baby doll, so for her birthday I thought I would make her something to go along with it. I just sewed together a simple little baby blanket and pillow. I LOVE the way they turned out. I didn't do any piecing or binding on the blanket, just sewed two fabrics right side together and then turned them inside out.

Then I just stitched around the edges with my favorite stitch, the leaf stitch. I will admit, it was about 50% of the reason I picked the sewing machine I did.

I then free-motion quilted around some of the flowers. My first foray into free motion quilting and it was so scary! I was afraid of ruining the blanket, but I think it turned out pretty good.

The only piecing I did was on the back of the pillow, not complicated at all. I also added lace to the edge. Ahh! It turned out so cute with the lace! I hope Eden likes it.

I now have one day to finish 2 more (late) birthday presents and a little something for new baby Lincoln. I hope I can get them done!

Here's a picture of tonight's sky. Something about the clouds caught my eye. The picture doesn't do them justice at all.

As I finish this I'm still watching the NCIS marathon. Here's one of the main reasons why I'm addicted...
Oh, who am I kidding? He is the main reason I watch.
Such a stone cold silver fox. Yum.

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